DIY Metal Lined Replacement Tray w/Scatter Guards


By Tina Sauer Harshbarger
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This will give you 1/4-inch metal covered trays that can be slid in place of the plastic trays; Scatter Guards are a required component as they cover the sharp edges of the metal sheets! PLEASE NOTE: Metal sheets can be extremely sharp on the edges, even before cutting; PLEASE HANDLE WITH CARE!!!!

Materials List...

... for 2 trays; full or cutout
Qty Item Cost Purchase Link
2 Metal Sheet, 36-inch x 24-inch $19.10
1 1/4-inch Plywood (can be used because it will be completely hidden so can't be chewed on) $16.48
2 $
... for 2 additionsl trays; full or cutout
2 Metal Sheet, 36-inch x 24-inch $19.10
2 $

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