Help! I've Lost My Chin


First thing to do is not to panic! We've put together some ideas to help you track down your chinchilla if lost... read on! One of the most important things to look for is poop. They are constantly pooping so if you find poop, you know they were there! Clean up any poop you find so you can see if there is new poop.

If you are unsure of which room your chin is in, go close the toilets in ALL bathrooms first thing. Chins are notorious for getting in the toilets, maybe because they are thirsty? This leads to the next step, be sure to put out food AND water. If your chin is housed alone, leave the cage open. We suggest you count out the pellets you leave so you know if they have come by and eaten any.

Once youve closed all the doors, put out some chew sticks in each room. Chances are your chin(s) will find them during the night and chew on them, thus letting you know which room they are in. You can also attempt to lure them out with their dust bath. By leaving their dust bath out, you can sometimes follow the dust tracks to where they are.

Shaker Training

One useful thing weve discovered. You can use the theory of Pavlov to train your chin to come. Keep treats in a small plastic jar that rattles nicely shake the jar before giving them a treat. Before long, any time you shake the jar, they will come running! Comes in handy if they are hiding.


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