Priming (Shedding)


Priming is the act of replacing old fur (shedding) with new fur. The first prime should happen between 6 months and 1 year of age. After their first time, it should repeat every 6 months or so.

As you can see in the images, your chinchilla can look pretty bedraggled when priming. If you blow into their fur during priming, you should see multiple bars as the new fur grows in. Usually a "primed" chinchilla will have a single bar - a bar is a line between the outer color and the inner, usually lighter, part of the fur.

You can remove the loose fur by combing (be sure to comb in the direction of tail to head), pulling or a lint roller. A chinchilla comb is a steel comb with varying spacing between the tines depending on the number/size. A #4 comb is more coarse than a #1, which is the finest comb available. During a grooming (usually regular grooming is only done when showing), you start with the coarsest comb and work your way up, finishing with the finest. The last step is to lightly brush a lint roller over their fur to remove any fur loosened up during the combing.

Ryerson Ranch Combs
Photo by Sumiko De La Vega, Chinchilla Chateau

We will soon post a grooming video, so please stop back again!

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