Chinchillas have a fairly extensive vocabulary, most of which can be heard by humans. Because chinchillas have a close ear structure to humans, chinchillas, unfortunately, are used for auditory testing. We'll be continuing to add sounds and meanings as we come across them... stay tuned!

barkingchirpingmama talking to her kits
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A fairly high pitched alarm sound... chinchillas will bark when they see/hear/smell something they are unsure of. It's used to warn large groups of chinchillas in a wide area to be aware.


Chinchilla make the cutest little chirps, especially the babies. At the beginning of this clip, Little Bean has some cute little happy chirps, then gets a bit louder... perhaps equivelint to "moooooom, where are you?"

Mama Talking to Her Kits

Chinchilla moms and kits communicate in many different ways. This rescue mama and kits of Taryn Lehner's shows them communicating verbally. How cute!

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