What Do Chinchillas Drink?


First, the container... chinchillas should have a GLASS water bottle of, at least, 8 ounces. Something like these:

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Glass Water Bottle
16, 24 & 32 oz.

Chew Proof
Glass Bottle

Pet Glass
Water Bottle

Chew Proof
Glass Bottle

The nozzle should be placed in such a way that your chin does not have to lean down to drink. The balls or pins can get stuck, so it's a good idea to check them twice a day to be sure your chin can get water out. Be SURE to pay attention to the level of the water. Some chinchillas can drink more on different days so just because they might not usually empty their bottle in a day, they can, so pay attention!

You should clean and disinfect with a vinegar/water mixture on a weekly basis. After disinfecting, be sure to rinse, rinse, and rinse to be sure the vinegar is gone completely.

Bottle & Tube
Cleaning Brush

Okay, so now you have your bottle, what should you fill it with? First off, NOT tap water. Most tap water, either city or well, contains an excess of minerals, possible parasites and chemicals that are "acceptable" to humans, specifically fluoride and chlorine, both of which are bad news to chinchillas. Also, not distilled water. The distillation process removes important minerals needed for healthy bones and teeth.

So, what does that leave, you ask? Filtered or bottled water. Just a natural spring bottled water, NOT one with added vitamins or electrolytes. If you want to use tap water, you should install a filter that filters, at least, through stage 3.


Water Filter

Water Filter

Water Filter

Spring Water

Spring Water

Spring Water

Alternatively, many of the places outside grocery or drug stores, where you can fill 1, 3 or 5 gallon jugs are stage 3 filtered and are super reasonable! Like in Hawai'i, it's 30 a gallon.

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