Why Are Raisins So Bad?


A common treat among the uneducated chin owner is a raisin. It's believed that 1 raisin every other day is "just fine". Unfortunately, it couldn't be any further from the truth! Raisins are full of sugar making them sweet, which to a chin, tastes pretty darn good! Unfortunately again, their sensative digestive systems can't process that sugar. Although it's not common for you to see an immediate effect, things like seizures can happen. More likely, though, you won't see any immediate effect as it's cumulative. High ingestion of sugar can cause diabetes and shorten their lifespan considerably.

A safer alternative would be a goji berry. Though, because they do contain some sugar, these should be only given in very limited quantities. Ideally, we suggest no more than 1 goji berry each month.

Safer Alternatives

We do keep a fairly large list of safe treats, some easier to get than others. The easy ones can be obtained from just about any grocery store... plain non-quick oatmeal, plain cheerios, bite size shredded wheat.


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