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What It Is

Sometimes referred to as bloat (tympanyin chinchillas) is a condition in which there is a sudden build up of gas in the stomach. 1


This usually occurs following a diet change or due to overeating. Both of these causes result in constipation (what wed call GI Stasis) and gas production from the bacterial flora in unmoving bowels and quickly build up within two to four hours, eventually leading to bloat. Bloat can also occur in nursing females two to three weeks after giving birth and may be related tohypocalcemia, a life-threatening imbalance of calciummetabolism.1







Difficulty in breathing


Swollen Abdomen


Rolling and/or stretching to relieve discomfort

What To Do

Immediately start infant gas drops (0.3ml every 8 hours is the US dosing, I believe the UK comes in a different strength so the dosing is different and I'm unsure of what that is). Also add downward belly massageshold your chinchilla with their back against your chest, holding them in place with your non-dominant hand., with your dominant hand, rub from their belly area (like starting right under their front legs) down towards their butt., repeat for up to 10 minutes. You want to use a bit of pressure, but just a little. This can help break up any gas bubbles. If they are still showing symptoms after a couple hours, call your vet!

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