Over the Counter (OTC)

Bene-Bac PlusSimethicone Gas Drops ♥ Tinactin

Bene-Bac Plus Probiotics

Comes in a gel and a powder form. The gel works better for direct feeding. You can put a blob (about the size of a pea) on your fingertip and most chinchillas will lick it off. You can mix the powder into CC when syringe feeding or sprinkle it on their pellets; sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't... the gel is our preference. This probiotic is good in stressful conditions or illnesses.

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Simethicone Infant Gas Drops

Chinchillas can not pass Gas on their own, so these Drops work well to break up any gas causing issues. Very helpful during stressful times or illnesses. If you get the right kind, most chinchillas love the taste and will take it directly out of the dropper. Dosage varies slightly depending on the strength of the simethicone - for 20mg/ml, you can give 0.3ml every 12 hours (US and CA dosage); for the UK's 40mg strength, the dosage is 0.15ml every 12 hours. < /p>

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In a powder form, this can be mixed in with their normal bath dust; helps heal and reduces symptoms of ringworm.

Prescription Meds

PLEASE NOTE: these are listed as a reference and should not be used in place of actual veterinarian care.

MetacamBaytril ♥ Bactrim/Septra/SMP-TMPCisaprideReglan


A pain medication.


An antibiotic.


An antibiotic.


A gut motility med, used in conjunction with Reglan.


A gut motility med, used in conjunction with Cisapride.


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