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What It Is

Pyometra is a large collection of pus within the uterus of the female chinchilla. 1


Pyometra may happen after conditions of metritis or placenta remaining behind in the uterus after the delivery of the litter. Pyometra can also occur in female chinchillas that have never been bred.1 When a female goes into heat, the urethra opens up which can let bacteria in.


a white creamy discharge

This is Rita (owned by Kaylee Bertrand)... she has pyometra but it was during her first heat and her estrus plug caused the infection in the uterus to backup. The plug came out and so did all the backed up fluid.


White creamy discharge from vaginal area


Excessive grooming of the vaginal area


Straining while urinating or increase in trying to urinate




Lack or no appetite


Small round or no poops

What To Do

This is an emergancy situation. This can not wait to be treated. Your chinchilla needs antibiotics right away and may need to have a full hysterectomy by a knowledgeable chinchilla vet. If you don't already see a vet, please visit our exotic Vets & ERs to find a vet or ER near you.

Mochi's (owned by Loana
Victoria) hysterectomy

After hysterectomy

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