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What It Is

By definition, is a sudden attack of illness. Seizures come in varying degrees from a grand mal which is a seizure that encompasses the whole body to individual areas.


There are multiple causes of seizure but the top 3 are eating sugars, getting overheated and stroke.


Causes can include any of the following:

  • lethargy
  • loss of appetite
  • sudden stiffening of muscle groups
  • shivering
  • red ears
  • panting
  • fatty liver disease

What To Do

A seizure is another vet visit but here are some ideas to try in the mean time. First, make sure your chinchilla is in the safest location (can not fall off a ledge or 2) and call your vet. Wrap your chinchilla in a piece of fleece and keep in a quiet place. This is a prime example of why having and using a hospital or isolation cage comes in very handy. Additionally, if overheating (red ears is a classic symptom of overheating), hold your chin in close of an opened refrigerator door. Use previously cooled porcelain or ceramic tiles wrapped in fleece to catch condensation as it warms up for a cool bed to lay on. Be sure water is available to them. Since chins cant sweat, a fan in this case would be useless.


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