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If you wish to use wood you have grown yourself or from friends/family, please be sure there have been no chemical pesticides or fertilizers used as they can remain in the wood and be harmful to your chins! You want living wood from the tree, not wood from the ground. Ground wood can contain rot, bacteria, parasites, mold or worse! The first step in processing your wood is to clean it. Use a wire brush and scrub it clean. This photo shows an unscrubbed stick (top) and one after being scrubbed.

Cleaning Sticks

After scrubbing, you will need to boil for 20 minutes (5-10 for thinner sticks).

Boiling Sticks

After boiling, you'll want to separate your smaller sticks from the larger ones.

Baking Sticks

Set your oven between 200-270°F/93-132°C. Bake thinner sticks for about 20-40 minutes, thicker sticks take longer, up to 2 hours. Wood is done when no steam escapes while opening oven door. Watch carefully, it does burn.


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