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We've started compiling a list of chinchilla friendly veterinarians and ERs. Using 2 fingers (or the ➕ symbol) you can zoom in to your specific area. Clicking on a pin will bring up more info about that veterinarian. We make no claims how knowledgeable any of these veterinarians are about chinchillas, we just know that Google says they see exotics. Definitely check out their website (click the pin to see phone # and a link icon to their website!

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We are especially looking for veterinarians/clinics in other countries!

24-Hour Emergency Clinic | Exotic Veterinarian


Our map has grown and due to restrictions of the software we're using, we've broken down our entries to 3 maps (use the dropdown in the upper left to switch maps). We currently have a map for the US, one for the UK and we've started one for Canada.

PLEASE NOTE: we have no personal experience with most of these veterinarians. They were added if they said they accepted exotic animals. Best to call them to verify (click on the pin and it'll pop up a window with their phone # and website).


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